Advent Calendar Gifts


If you are putting together a traditional advent for your minis this year, here are just some of the ideas that we have put together to help you – because let’s face it, 24 mini gifts that are small enough to fill the little pockets of most calendars is not that easy! If you have more than one child, then a nice way to use calendars is to give each child a turn to open a gift on alternate days – it also means you can buy age appropriate gifts for day 1,3,5 etc. whatever applies to your family.




Here are our ideas:

  • Candy canes
  • Create little notes for treasure hunts to find new Christmas books (we have a whole post on our favourite Christmas Books so go and take a look)
  • Happy soap – such a fun soap with fun characters in the middle. Once the soap is all used up, your child gets to keep the figure (a good incentive to wash hands!)
  • Mini transfer tattoos – silver and gold ones are always nice and festive
  • A little necklace – H&M have some fun ones
  • LittleBu child friendly nail polish
  • Star Wars Novelty keyring or fluffy bunny keyring – for their schoolbags
  • Mini dinosaurs or toy soldiers
  • Fairytale dice – so much fun for creating stories, anytime, anywhere
  • Glittery headbands for girls – again H&M is great for this
  • A couple of new Christmas decorations. Personalised ones are a lovely idea. We adore these
  • Novelty headband – antlers
  • Letter stamp of your child’s initial. A fun thing for them to use on the back of envelopes.
  • Mini chocolates – we love the Lindt mini Santas and Snowmen
  • Christmas Crayons

Another nice idea is to add little notes to your children with fun activities to do and outgoings to go on throughout December – making mince pies, baking Christmas cookies, going ice-skating and visiting Father Christmas at a grotto.


Do you have any other Advent Calendar Gifts that you use? We’d love your ideas.

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  1. Jenny
    1st December 2015 / 8:37 am

    I missed this blog when you posted it a few days ago. It’s great – thank you for the ideas. Have just bought some of the story telling dice (although I got them on Amazon – sorry!). Unfortunately our calendar has ridiculously small holes so the dice will have to go in a stocking!

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