Advent Calendars for Kids

It may be mid-November but you will blink and it will be the 1st December. Whilst I have both Harry’s and Hettie’s birthdays that day, they will be still be on the look out for an advent calendar to start the countdown to Christmas. Here are a selection of a variety of calendars; some ready to go and some allowing for personalisation.

advent calendar

Geological Advent Calendar by Auntie Mims – Teddy loves “treasure” and for any kids interested in dinosaurs, pirates or science this unusual advent calendar is beautifully put together.

kids advents calendars

Colouring Poster Christmas Tree by OMY – this giant poster has a little activity for every day of the advent plus glow in the dark stickers to decorate the tree.

advent calendars

Advent Activity Calendar Set by Illustries – an activity based advent calendar which includes some items to get going.

advent calendars

Enamel Hair Slide Advent Calendar by Meri Meri – any little girl would surely love this. A new hair slide everyday and a pouch to keep them in.

kids advent calendars

Personalised Wooden Activity Calendar by Create Gift Love – I love this idea. It reminds everyone (not just the kids) that Christmas isn’t solely about presents.

advent calendar for kids

Woodland Advent Calendar by My Little Day – this cute little advent calendar is perfect for younger kids.

advent calendars

Pegs Advent Calendar by Bloomingville – put up little paper bags on the pegs with activity suggestions and the odd chocolate coin.

kids advent calendar

Playmobil 123 Advent Calendar – a sweet calendar for younger kids. Teddy had this when he was just under 2 years old and the array of animals and larger pieces make it a lovely interactive calendar. The pieces still come out each year!

advent calendars for kids

Advent Letters by Elf For Christmas – we have the elf from Elf For Christmas (much sweeter than the Elf on the Shelf!) and these letters are designed to be opened everyday to build up a story to what is happening behind the scenes at the North Pole.

Advent calendars for kids

Toy Shop Advent Calendar by Emily Sutton – a very beautiful, traditional advent calendar. I have purchase this one and will have it alongside a “act of Kindness” Advent Calendar I have put together to remind us (not just the boys) Christmas is not simply about getting “stuff”.

kids advent calendar

Car Advent Calendar by John Lewis – a brilliant advent calendar for the mini petrol heads out there.

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