Christmas Gift Guide | Boys

With just over a month before Christmas is here I have put together Christmas Gift Guides to give you a little bit of inspiration should you need it. In all my guides I have tried to focus on smaller brands which go beyond the usual Lego, Hot Wheels and Power Rangers. Don’t get me wrong, my boys love all of these but I like to surprise them with things they won’t have seen before and which can open up more possibilities of play.

Christmas Gift Guide

1. Indoor Trapeze Rings by Lillagunga – even on a rainy dy this set of trapeze rings lets your little moneys release their almost unlimited amount of energy.

2. Ninja Temple by Brikkon – Brikkon do a series of wooden pieces which slot together to form shapes which Lego can be added on to. This Ninja Temple is ready for action and it means there isn’t the impatience of a temple being built from scratch!!

3. Play ‘n’ Pack City by Olli Ella – this is perfect if you are travelling over Christmas and need something to keep your minis entertained. There is also a Safari themed backpack.

4. Tow Truck by Candylab – these cars are a good size and not only look good but allow for endless play.

5. Wakka Water Game by Kikko+ x Scout & Co – I have bought this for Teddy (and have featured it in my “mini loves….more loves post here). This retro game set within a beautiful wooden design is strangely addictive.

6. Magnetic Building Tiles by Magnatiles – you have to trust me on this, Teddy was given these on his second birthday and they have been played with by the boys nearly every single day since then. They get incorporated into car, Lego and general imaginative stories and made into a multitude of shapes.

7. Parrot Street Book Club Subscription – if you have a little person who loves to read this subscription is the perfect gift. A new book arrives each month along with ideas and activities to get your little reader emerged within the story.

8. The Forest School Den Kit by The Den Kit Co – get the kids out into the fresh air with this ultimate den kit. Everything they need to make their hideaway is contained within this bag.

9. King of the Road Track by WaytoPlay – these flexible, easy to connect road pieces will provide endless hours of play as city, race tracks and highways are designed and enjoyed. Available at Little Citizens Boutique who have kindly offered 10% off to readers using code MINISANDMORE10 Simply follow the link here.

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