Christmas Gift Guide | Girls

Before I go onto this Christmas gift guide for girls I just want to say that I know girls can play with boys toys and vice versa, but it has just made putting together these gift guide edits easier to do the more traditional “boys Gifts” (which was yesterday’s post) and “girls gifts. Obviously they can be mixed and matched as you see fit!

Christmas Gift Guide1. Chess Set by Vilac – this is a fun way to get into chess. Bright design and colourful characters will make it a story as well as a game of tactics!

2. Cubic Doll House by Djeco – this modern doll house makes a change from the more traditional styles out there.

3. Fun Box by Bioblo – these building blocks are designed to open up a world of possibilities for building and playing.

4. Scooter by Swifty – this raspberry pink scooter will mean your little one is the coolest on the block as they whizz along.

5. Les Parisiennes Doll at Cissy Wears – the chicest doll I’ve seen – who wouldn’t want that dress!

6. Luggy by Olli Ella – the perfect companion for making sure all their precious things are safe and can be taken along with them.

7. Midnight Garden Caplet by PomPom du Monde – I would have LOVED this when I was younger. Simply gorgeous.

8. Personalised Liberty Bracelet for Kids by Merci Maman – the perfect gift to make your girl feel grown-up and special. Available in a selection of Liberty print fabrics with the charm available for personalisation.

9. Bingo by Kiko+gg – get everyone sat down after a busy Christmas day for a game of bingo!

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