New Years Resolutions | Getting More Active

Now, on the whole, after a full festive season of eating and drinking our body weight in good food and wine, most of us are ready to cut back. However, aiming to go on a diet, losing weight and “getting fit” can be a bit daunting so I am aiming to simply be more active. I used to be more active…just walking more often, but with more kids comes more household jobs and I am definitely not as active as I was. I thought I would share what might encourage me to get back into an old habit which not only has health benefits but aids clearing the mind and reducing stress…and relax.

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1. Infusion Water Bottle by MAMI WATA – I have one of these as I am rubbish at drinking water so adding some natural flovour to it really helps.

2. Wireless Earphones by Mpow – these are great if you are in the gym or out in the open. Listen to a book, music or your favourite radio station to keep you going.

3. Quilted Holdall Bagoda Designs – this bag is the perfect gym companion. It has multiple compartments (I particularly love the separate space for stinky trainers!).

4. Sports Bras by Marks & Spencer – these are vital for most exercises ladies!

5. Sweatshirt by Lala & Bea – pull on for a brisk walk or after a workout.

6. Performance Long Tights by Adidas x Stella McCartney – these leggings are perfect for all sports.

7. Trainers by Asics – Asics do trainers really well. This style is mainly for gym training and light running.

8. Luxepool Printed Swimsuit by Speedo – if swimming is more your thing make sure there are no embarrassing slipping down of your costume by getting a proper sports swimsuit…

9. Waterproof Boots by Sorel – I use my Sorel boots all the time when out. They clean up brilliantly and can withstand all kinds of weather.


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