New Years Resolutions | Using Less Plastic

When I started to think about how I was shopping for clothes last year and how I need to be more mindful and considered when purchasing, it made me think of the amount of plastic we use and ways in which we could cut back. There are some small simple steps which can be taken and I thought I’d share those I find helpful.

going plastic free

1. Stainless Steel Lunchbox by ECOlunchbox – the large lunch box has different sections for all your treats plus there is a matching smaller version for the kids!

2. Soda Stream – I drink ALOT of sparkling water and this has meant we are no longer buying countless plastic bottles of it. Simple to use and it means your fizzy water is always to hand.

3. Travel Cup by Eva Solo – the most stylish reusable coffee cup around!

4. Big Luggy by Olli Ella – if you are walking into town this is your perfect shopping companion. It saves using plastic bags as well as looking rather lovely too!

5. Bamboo Straws by Bambaw – these odourless straws are a great alternative to plastic straws. Apparently one billion disposable plastic straws are used and discarded every day. They are used for an average of 20 minutes and then discarded, taking 500 years to degrade.

6. Selection of Toys at Cottage Toys – this is a tough one but where I can I try to purchase toys which aren’t plastic and often end up being poorly made. Cottage Toys has a fabulous selection of wooden toys for all ages.

7. Water Bottle by Blafre – this stainless steel bottle is perfect to taking out and about. It has a 500ml capacity (a 300 ml one is also available for kids) as well as the option of a straw top to make it even easier to stay hydrated on the go!

8. Mesh Reusable Baggy by Keep Leaf – this bag is the perfect size for a sandwich or large roll and can be washed on the top level of the dishwasher or in a washing machine.

9. Bamboo Toothbrushes at &Keep – available for kids and adults alike these toothbrushes save on plastic…as well as adding a bit of style to your bathroom!


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