Christmas Gift Guide | Toddlers

Toddlers start to catch onto the excitement of Christmas and this is so enjoyable to see. Here are some gift ideas for these bundles of energy.

Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

From Top Left to Right:

Dinkum Doll by Olli Ella – I purchased this for Hettie’s birthday and it is adorable. The concept is that the little companion can be whoever your little one wants them to be. There are even little suitcases of clothes you can get to go alongside them!

Rose Kitchen Set by Flexa – a simple design which manages to include everything your little chef would need.

Workbench by Flexa – the workbench version of the kitchen is just as fab design-wise and will delight all would-be joiners.

Sleep Training Clock by Miffy – this is beyond adorable. Miffy’s eyes stay closed until it is time for your little one to get up.

Magical Drawing Board by Kiko & GG – let their imaginations run wild drawing and scribbling away on this enchanting magical drawing board.

Toy Garage by Kids Concept – kids will love watching car whizz down the spiral ramps and sending them up in the lift.

Balance Bike by Banwood x Liberty – theses bikes will be greeted with huge smiles from the recipient. You can read more about this collaboration here.

Eliot Dog and Carrier by Egmont – the loveable furry friend will be a constant companion as he can be taken anywhere and everywhere in his smart wicker basket.

Animambo Synthesizer by Djeco – let hem discover their inner Mozart with this beautiful looking keyboard.

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