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It’s March and with the promise of Spring comes thoughts of new life and Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to acknowledge whoever it is you feel has been an amazing mother figure in your life. There to listen to you without judgment and know when to offer advice and when to just let you ramble. Here is my edit for gifts to thank that someone…

Mothers Day gift Guide

From Top Left to Right:

Big Box of Calm by Grass & Co – as you may have gathered I am a huge fan of Grass & Co’s Calm range and I don’t know a mother who wouldn’t love this.

Queenie Sweatshirt by Zilla Kids – I don’t know a single mum who isn’t the queen in their own home – although it may feel like like the kids are in open rebellion against your rule most of the time…

Family Tree Necklace by Limezest Jewellery – this stunning piece is delicate enough to wear everyday. The little hearts can be hand stamped with initials to make it completely personal to the wearer.

Everlasting Bouquet by Cotton Twist – I know I used this in a Valentines Day post but I just think it is such a lovely idea to get the kids to paint it and mum or granny can have these flowers displayed forever.

Silk Pyjamas by Sleepy Wilson – these luxe pyjamas are just the thing for a Sunday morning. I love the idea that the shirt can be worn during the day as well.

Strong Mama Gift Box by Rock Box – this would be a dream gift for anyone to open on Mothers Day. Everything needed for a moment of peace.

Car Scent Diffuser by Diptyque – this may seem ridiculous but I spend most of my time in the car so why not make the journeys that bit more of a luxe experience?

International Womens Day Trainer by Golden Goose – another piece I’ve included in a previous post but as a mum who spends her time running about, make that running about a bit cooler in these kicks.

Personalised Travel Bag by Langchamp – the perfect bag for travelling with kids…and you will always know it’s yours!

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