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The Den kit Co

One of Teddy’s gifts at Christmas was the British Woodland Den Kit from The Den Kit Co. Due to the weather being pretty miserable at the beginning of the year, it has sat in our utility room…until now. The amazing weather at the weekend meant the den kit came out and ended up being a huge hit.

With all of us self isolating at the moment the Den Kit Co. offer a way to get the kids outside and engaging with nature. You don’t need loads of space and I don’t know a kid who doesn’t love a den!

The Den Kit Co
The Den kit Co

Within The Den Kit Co. you can find a range of kits to suit everyone. From pirates to a charming rose and lavender den to a nature detective kit all ages and interests are covered. There are even smaller gifts and add ons to make the den kits even more personalised. I know the boys would love the “Flag Making Kit” with Hettie adoring the little “Hedgehog Nest”.

The Den kit Co

If you are looking for a gift or treat which will last and be suitable for all ages, the den kits from The Den Kit Co. are the place to start. You can see their range of products here.

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