Stay At Home | Teaching Kids about Nature

I’m not sure if Mother Nature is trying to make life a bit easier but we seem to have been blessed, on the whole, with some glorious weather recently. This has meant the kids have been able to get outside and we’ve been able to go on walks and bike rides in order to make daily life a bit more interesting.

With all these walks and being at home so much, I have noticed the natural world around me more and, with the help of Woodland learning provided by the boys’ school and Hettie’s love of the outdoors (you’ll always find her in her wellies ready to go), we have been learning more about the world around us. I thought i’d list some of the books and activities we’ve been enjoying and as Half Term is around the corner it’s a good time to relax and enjoy what Mother Nature has created for us.

Slow Down by Rachel Williams – I came across this book via the wonderful “bug museum” activity I discovered over the Easter Break which the boys did. Each double page tells the reader about an extraordinary act in nature which we usually take for granted or pass by. Hettie loves it being read to her and I find the boys listening too.

Lost Words by Jackie Morris – this huge book is illustrated with the most enchanting pictures. The premise for the book is that kids are forgetting what we might have taken for granted in nature when growing up ourselves. From bluebells to grass snakes, from ferns to kingfishers, there is enchantment to be found on every page.

Play Kits by Organised Chaos with Kids – these gorgeously curated play kits for kids sell out fast! Each one has a theme which includes naturally scented dough and various sensory objects for kids to explore.

Hello Nature Activity Cards – these can be easily carried about on a walk or by little hands in the garden looking for activities to enhance their knowledge of nature.

The Big Sticker Book of Bugs – these goes with the Big book of Bugs (available here). Kids can draw, colour and create to learn as they play.

Insect and Butterfly Wooden Hotel by The Creativ Company – these DIY kits for older kids are all themed around the natural world. Teddy, my 6 year old is desperate to make one of these after trying his hand at a bird feeder.

Insect Sticker Poster by Poppik – this giant poster would look fab on any kids bedroom wall after they have placed all the stickers in the right places.

Bird Bingo – we have had this game for a good few years now and the kids still go back to it time and again.

The Big Book of Bees – another brilliantly illustrated book all about the marvellous bee and its role in our world.

Match a Leaf Memory Game – from the same makers as the Bird Bingo this game is a varied take on the memory game which explores tree species.

Garden Wheelbarrow by Tender Leaf Toys – this adorable playlet will soon get any little budding gardener out and about helping in the garden.

Life Sized Animal Poo by John Townsend – sometimes if you can’t beat them, join them. This book is sure to intrigue kids with true to scale representations of various animal droppings, where the animals can be found and various facts on the animals.

Nature Den Kit by The Den Kit Co – the boys have loved the kit they have from this independent brand (see here) and this kit is perfect for exploring nature and tracking down animals whether it be in your back garden or local wood.

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