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Whilst we start another half term of homeschooling I am finding that poor Hettie is being somewhat neglected in the attention stake . Although she has the benefit of everyone being around, we are so distracted during the week I have tried to make sure she’s has some things to do which will occupy her and I can dip in and out of to play with her when I get a moment.

I chose a play set from Organised Chaos with Kids as part of the activities I thought would engage Hettie for longer than 5 minutes and I’m so pleased I did. Hettie LOVES her set (the Garden Set) which she asks to play with daily since it arrived.

Organised Chaos with Kids was set up by mum of two, Martha. Her background in science as well as loving all things creative led her to creating mini worlds for her children to enjoy and explore in their own way.

Martha incorporated play dough into these sets but found many shop bought options were actually quite tough for little hands to mould and play with. She experimented with making her own and after a few attempts has come up with a play dough which is super soft and almost marshmallow like which she adds different scents to…we have neroli scented dough with dried flowers scattered through it (almost too pretty to use!) and apple scented green dough. As yet, I can’t bring myself to let Hettie mix the two together (something I will have to overcome I’m sure!!).

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Due to the success of her gorgeously curated play sets, Martha has moved from Etsy (where I first discovered Organised Chaos with Kids) to her own website. It has already been a huge hit…I was a bit slow and the Bee play set I had my eye on for Hettie has already sold out! More stock is on the way though – phew! If gardens may not excite your little one, there are kits ranging from oceans to dinosaurs, and from construction to fairies.

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The play dough lasts for about 6 months if kept in its aluminium container. Where she can, Martha does not use plastic…and where plastic has been used in some of the play pieces the aim is that they are played with over and over again. There is even a little treat for the parent of a teabag sourced for it not using plastic!

I have to say, Hettie has been smitten with her play set and I love the thought which has obviously gone into producing such gorgeous little kits. They spark imagination and create plenty of smiles…just what we need!

You can find the play kids from Organised Chaos with Kids here.

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