Skincare | The Dreaded Maskne And How To Treat It

Personally, to me “maskne” sounds slightly ridiculous but it is a new term being used more and more often to describe how wearing face masks brings on skin irritation, spots and redness. Although wearing a mask can no doubt be a good thing during this current time, I am now plagued with more spots (what?! At my age!) and I can feel my skin tingling and becoming itchy as I wear a mask when out and about.

Due to this I have started to try and figure out how to minimise these annoyances to my skin and here are some products which i feel help alleviate the symptoms of my “maskne”.

Silk Mask by The Big Silk – I was discussing my issues with wearing a face mask to a friend who has a beauty clinic and she suggested trying a silk facemark. I have found these which are not extortionate yet provide the comfort I’m looking for. Silk is meant to be less irritating to skin than cotton…plus why not add some luxury to something which is a necessity now?

maskne treatments

Grape Water by Caudalie – this handy, bag-sized spray is great for spritzing onto the face when you take your mask off. It can calm and refresh the skin whilst on the go.

maskne treatments

Cicaplast Soothing Face and Body Balm by La Roche-Posay – I have carried this in my bag for quite a while now to use on my hands but it is also good for sore skin irritated by wearing a face mask. In fact, it can work on skin conditions from nappy rash, to insect stings to eczema so it’s generally a great piece of kit for any family!

Maskne skincare

Dynaspot by Eve Lom – this spot treatment has been around for years and although your other half may give you some odd looks when you come out with pink blobs on and offending spot, to works. Wear it overnight and by morning any spot is greatly reduced and less angry.

Maskne cures

Mineral Sunscreen Glow by Soleil Toujours – This sunscreen is great for adding much needed SPF protections well as having a very subtle tint with a glow to it. It’s not shiny but helps skin look better. If you’re popping to the shops and don’t want to wear heavy makeup which will rub all over your mask and make skin worse, this will help you look healthy and, as the name suggests “glowing”. I team with Trinny London’s BFF Eye (available here) and that’s enough to make sure I don’t frighten anyone.

maskne treatments

Truth on the Glow Cleansing Cloths by Ole Henriksen – I am not usually a fan of these types of face cloths but I used them after having all three of the kids as a quick yet effective way of cleansing my face when I was too tired to do anything else. These are handy if you’ve worn your mask and your skin is feeling dirty after a prolonged period of wearing it. I plan to take them if/when we go on a plane again.

maskne treatments

Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm by REN – I use this when my skin has had a reaction or is just a bit angry. It will help sooth skin which is not happy at being enclosed in a face mask and help bring about calm.

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