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I don’t know about anyone else but my boys battle having to wear a jumper. I don’t know why they wouldn’t want to feel all cosy in a lovely soft knit, except maybe they are, already at eight and six, hot, sweaty, yucky boys. Anyway, what i can get them to wear when it’s freezing outside is a hoodie. To be fair, they have more street cred than the jumper options in their wardrobes and as they have both grown ridiculously over Summer I’ve started to look for new ones as the colder weather creeps in. Here are a few I’ve found which might just make the cut.

boys hoodies

From Top Left to Right:

Quilted Nylon Hoodie by Zara – simple and cool with no logos.

Borg-lined Zip-up Hoodie by Boden – Teddy loves a fleecy lined hoodie and when they refuse to wear a coat you can at least, more often than not, get them into this with maybe a gilet over the top!

Translator Zip hoodie by Bobo Choses – for the Scandi label loving kids.

Stay Chill Hoodie by H&M – I love the colour combination of this hoodie.

Logo Hoodie by Ralph Lauren – a smart option from a classic label.

Gaming Hoodie by H&M – no, I don’t get Minecraft and don’t want to get it but the boys love it and this hoodie would be a winner.

Chuck Patch Hoodie by Converse – my boys have lived in the Converse tees over the Summer so now it could be onto a hoodie version.

Marvel Graphic Hoodie by Gap – a range of characters with a simple graphic. I was drawn to the burgundy colour of the Iron Man design though…

Zip Up Hoodieby Saltrock – the “wild and free” logo pretty much sums up Teddy!

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