Joyful Things in January

We are already heading into the last part of January and whilst some days (homeschooling) may have dragged I can’t believe we are already well in 2021. I thought I’d bring you a bit of what is bringing me joy in January whilst we continue not going anywhere or seeing anyone! I will also be putting up a video with some of these items featured on it (and a couple of others) if you fancy a looky loo! It will be on Instagram –

Eat Better Forever by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall – I hummed and ached about getting this book but already I love the recipes. The overnight soaked its and the deal are particular favourites with the benefit of counterbalancing all the chocolate I ate in December (who am I kidding, continue to eat!).

Rick Stein’s Cornwall (it can be found on BBC iPlayer) – until we can head back to Cornwall I am obsessed with this series. I want to try everything on offer…from the Cornish Gouda cheese to the Aval Dor vodka and wild water swimming (the wetsuit has been purchased ready to go!).

The Curel Skincare range – my skin had an allergic reaction to some antibiotics and this skincare range has saved it. The lotion (which is actually an essence) is particularly lovely.

Disco Leggings by Sweaty Betty – these are still on sale! I love them. I live in activewear at the moment and these leggings bring me joy.

Sheer Shimmer in Jenita by Trinny London – I don’t wear full on makeup at all at the moment but I do tend to put on the Trinny London BFF Cream of some Rosalique (which helps with red, angry skin) followed by a bit of this juice colour on my cheeks to add a bit of a healthy glow…fake it ’til you make it, right?

Skincare by Caroline Hirons – what CH doesn’t know about skincare isn’t worth knowing. This book is great for identifying where you could improve your skincare regime as well as giving an interesting insight into the beauty world. She has a no-nonsense approach which I love so you feel you can trust what she says.

Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask – oh my goodness, this is possibly one of my best buys over the last two months. I use it almost every night to help with dry eyes and sometimes headaches. It has different heat settings and a timer to help sooth sore, dry or tired eyes. I end up falling asleep with it on knowing the timer will switch it off.

Detachable Floral Collar by Mustard Monday – this boutique brand, found on Etsy make lovely detachable collars at great prices. I have the Liberty blue floral print one and it works brilliantly over jumpers adding a cute detail without the bulk of a shirt underneath or over a denim skirt. An easy way to update your wardrobe whilst supporting a small brand!

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