Handmade Teacher Gift Ideas

As the Summer holidays are on the horizon, I thought I’d share some ideas for getting the kids to show their appreciation to their teachers with some handmade gifts. Now, I realise the teachers may get some handmade gifts that go straight to the back of the cupboard but hopefully these are a welcome “thank you”.

This Summer, the kids have been making bracelets for their teachers (all their teachers are female at the moment). The boys used semi precious beads (not very expensive from Amazon – see here) and Hettie used “pony beads” which are easier to thread. We just added a charm and used small gold “spacer” beads on the ones the boys created. I just helped tie the elastic and put a small bit of superglue on the knot to secure it (the elastic we used it this one here). The main trick was to limit the colour palette so as to create something the teachers might actually want to wear!

Past ideas I have posted are homemade plant markers (see here). They are made for air dry clay and look pretty even if a bit wobbly. The kids made some for their teachers last year and they were even sent photos of them being used in their gardens.

Last Christmas I got out the air dry clay again and they made soap dishes. I paired them with some lovely soap and hand cream. See here for how to make them.

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