The Easiest Easter Craft for Kids | Wool Wrapped Easter Branch

Easter craft for kids

Although naturally dyed eggs and delicately painted paper mâché decorations can look beautiful, they are messy and if you are not keen on making sure turmeric dyes the kitchen work surface or glue ends up all over a chair, this easy to do Easter craft might be for you.

Easter craft for kids
Easter craft for kids

Easter branches look lovely hanging with decorations but they can looking equally striking when encased in brightly coloured wools and if you are feeling brave, painted. All you need are (not surprisingly) twigs, wool and if you want paint. We found out branches in the garden and I had a collection of wool left over from various crafts (I’m a bit of a hoarder of such things). If you don’t have any wool, Amazon sell inexpensive packs (like this one here) and even some pound shops sell wool. We did use some paint and had a brightly coloured neon set from Ikea.

easter craft for kids

I found that the kids’ choices of colour combinations produced branches which were joyful and happy. The end result is a vase full of cheer which, I actually prefer to the white, pastel covered easter tree we have decorated.

I am thinking of cutting out some egg shapes from card and letting the kids loose with the same paint so we can hang a few off the branches. However, I also think it looks equally good left undecorated with the colours signifying the new colour Spring has to offer.

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